So I actually started this blog two years ago!! A few months ago I deleted my story as I didn’t think it was of any significance to anyone. But I’m in need of an outlet, and this is as good as any. Besides if people don’t want me to share my truth, I question what they have to worry about. Surely if we treat one another as we ourselves would want to be treated then we should have very few things to worry about? This is my story, and this is my truth.

I was born on 27 February 1973 at University College Hospital, London. I weighed a healthy 8lb 11oz and had a shock of dark hair! My biological mother had already had four sons and a daughter (possibly more, according to other members of my biological family).

My biological Mother; Frances Mary K was born in Scotland. She had two sisters, Gladys K (who died in childhood) and Eleanor K. (She died of a heart attack before I could meet her, although we were in contact by post) Frances had an older brother, Munro K (who I had the greatest of pleasures in meeting last year -Winter 2016, before he sadly died) and a younger half-brother Steven K . I met Uncle Steven when I was first searching for biological relatives approximately 12 years ago.

Frances’ parents separated whilst the children were young and her mother later had a relationship with Steven’s Father. The family lived in Glasgow, and from all accounts it seems Frances had a rather troubled youth and spent some time in Borstal, during which time she became pregnant with her firstborn son James (nicknamed Jamie). It is unknown exactly what became of him, as my Uncle Munro confirmed ‘mother’ took him to live in England. It was unclear which person he was referring to by using the term ‘mother’. Public records state that Frances K gave birth to another three sons; James Duff K McG. (same first name as her first child!), William Alexander  McG. and Neil McG. These are all on public record as having the same biological Father; James Montgomery McG. In 1972, James Montgomery McG. registered the death of Frances’ daughter Elisabeth McG. She was only 2 months old when she died of kidney failure and septacemia.

In the Spring of 1972, Frances left James Montgomery McG. with three young boys and travelled to London. Frances took lodgings with Joseph L. and his expectant wife. She became pregnant with me and Joseph’s wife left him to return to her mother. It is believed she gave birth to a son and named him Romano.

Public records state that Frances was arrested for soliciting in January 1973 and imprisoned for one night, and paid a fine of £10. When she went into labour with me, Joseph is alleged to have told her “not to bring it back”; referring to her unborn child. She gave birth naturally, and discharged herself with me; Julie Louise McG. She would later register James Montgomery McG. as my biological father on my birth certificate. He categorically denies being my biological father.

The following 12months Frances moved around London, staying in various places with me. Each of the addresses are recorded in my adoption files. When Frances was unable to care for me, I was placed into a local foster home. This happened on a number of occasions throughout this time. Speaking with that foster mother a number of times whilst she was still alive, there were many gaps filled. The lady very kindly gave me a photograph with me as a 4mth old baby in it. This was the first time I had seen any photograph of me younger than a year old! As you can imagine, I was delighted with such a precious gift! In the photograph, the foster father is holding me, as the multicultural foster family are surrounding a table with a birthday cake. The lady told my friend S. and I many stories.

Their favourite pet name for me was ‘bubbles’ as I was always smiling and happy as a baby. She recalled the time she sat up with me through one particular night trying to cool me down with a damp flannel. After calling a Doctor out to their home, the couple were told that I had pneumonia, and if I made it through that night, then I would be over the worst. She was so sweetly proud as she relayed this story to us, as obviously her attentiveness and care gave me the opportunity of surviving that night! I feel glad that I had the opportunity to meet such a lovely elderly lady and be able to thank her for what she did to support my biological mother 30+ years before, and especially for her care of me. She passed away peacefully aged 98yrs old in 2014.

Adoption file Records state that on 26 February 1974, Frances left me with Joseph. She never returned.

However, it is clear she went back up to Scotland from London as she gave birth to another daughter in Glasgow, Scotland 1974. Martha McG. Cot death (when she was 4mths old) was registered by James Montgomery McG.

Frances often referred to herself as Mrs. McG however there are no legal records to indicate she was ever married to James Montgomery McG. It is said they lived as though they were man and wife, yet when he married Margaret M. he is on public record as a bachelor and on Frances’ marriage in London to Leslie George P. it is clearly stated that she is a spinster. I think we can safely assume there was no earlier legal marriage between Frances and James.

So, Frances married Leslie George P in London. One month later she gave birth to a son; Leslie George P. (Junior). The couple had previously agreed that as Leslie George P. was unable to have any children of his own naturally, her unborn child would be brought up by them both as though he were their biological son. It is believed that Leslie George P. (Junior) real biological father (Keith G.) was a frequent ‘customer’ in the notorious Kings Cross red light district, just as Joseph L was too. It seems that Frances continued to ‘work’ there, as she fell pregnant again with another of Keith G.’s children; Michael Lee P. Records show that Keith G. married Frances and they had a daughter together; Kimberley Elsie Louise G. It is unclear as to the whereabouts of Leslie George P. (Junior), however it is believed he remained with the man he knew to be his father; Leslie George P. (Senior).

The relationship between Keith and Frances was volatile including bouts of drink fuelled violence towards each other. Frances frequently disappeared for weeks at a time leaving Keith to care for young Michael and Kimberley.

Keith bravely fought cancer and died after awhile, which left a devastating impact on both children. Frances was not around when he died.